Living NJ, InStyle Talks Podcast

[Living NJ, InStyle Talks Podcast]

Real estate experts and community advocates, RE/MAX InStyle Realty, is excited to announce the release of their new podcast, coming this July! The highly regarded Real Estate team has been preparing for their show “Living NJ, InStyle Talks” for several months now and is eager to connect with individuals on a new platform. It will cover all topics related to real estate, the NJ housing market, home tips and tricks, and everything that makes New Jersey great.

The podcast is hosted by local experts and founders of InStyle Realty, Cynthia Fowlkes and Doug Swearengin, who both have decades of residential real estate experience and are active members in their communities. The show will also feature illuminating interviews and insightful discussions with not just real estate leaders but community members too, such as, local business owners, attorneys, and township officials.

“We take pride in our home state and Living NJ seems like the right platform to share our stories and what we love about our towns (suburbs and cities), the history, our shore points, the small businesses, the culture, charm and spice of all we are about,” Fowlkes said. “The roots we share in our state have led to a solid foundation which has grown our business into what it is today.”

Episodes of Living NJ, InStyle Talks will be released weekly and will be available on all major podcast streaming apps starting in July 2022. Fans of the podcast can contact Cynthia or Doug via email or reach out to InStyle Realty to provide feedback and ideas for the podcast or become a guest on the show.

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