Media Division


InStyle Realty is thrilled to announce the addition of their new Media Division and introduce their new Media Director, Vanessa Diaz.

Back in December, InStyle Realty launched a media division geared towards enhancing the success of their individual agent's media presence. The purpose of the new division is to provide high-quality digital marketing tools and promotional video assistance to each agent and their respective teams. The complimentary service allows agents to produce branded professional-level videos that can be used for blog posts, eNewsletters, and social content.

“The last 2 years have proven how essential it is to find new ways to connect with and help our buyers and sellers in achieving their goals. I have the privilege of helping InStyle agents create campaigns that suit their personalities while achieving the goal of building brand awareness among their target audiences through video and print. What an amazing opportunity to link two of my favorite careers: real estate and marketing. Talk about a dream come true!” said Vanessa Diaz on her new role. She believes media is the perfect channel to build a brand and establish relationships from virtually anywhere.

With the implementation of the Media Division, the well-respected real estate company hopes the addition will continue creating an engaging and personable atmosphere for their agents and clients. InStyle plans on utilizing the newly acquired sector in conjunction with their many years of experience.

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