Sprucing Up for Autumn Sales

Sprucing Up for Autumn Sales

  • The Fowlkes Group
  • 01/21/21

Fall is a beautiful time of year! If you have your home on the market, make the most of the season to boost its curb appeal. If you have a gorgeous red maple or golden yellow aspen in your front yard, you already have a great head start. Make a list of the most important changes you need to do to win that vital first impression. As trees and shrubbery begin to lose their leaves, more of your home is exposed, so you might need to power wash or paint. Here are more suggestions to get you started.

Focus on the Front Door

Your front door is the focal point of your home. Whether you have a simple stoop or a wide front porch, this is the place to start with your fall facelift.

  • Give your front door some zing with a new paint color or refresh the current one.
  • Polish the door handle, lock, and knocker. If they are too tarnished, replace them.
  • Make sure the mailbox or mail slot look sharp. Replace them if they have aged too much. The same goes for your house numbers.
  • If you have a porch swing or furniture, give them a cozy autumn look with a warm throw and coordinating pillows. If your furniture has cushions, make sure they aren’t worn or moldy from being wet.
  • Wash the windows and repair any cracks in the glass.
  • Sweep away cobwebs and knock down wasp nests.
  • Add a new welcome mat, perhaps with a seasonal theme. A new mat is practical as well as inviting.

Plant Fall Flowers

As summer flowers fade, replace them with autumn favorites in the rich colors of fall. Mums. asters, pansies and kale are always popular and come in many vibrant shades. Check to see what varieties thrive well in your area. Take a look at your flower boxes, planters, garden beds and hanging baskets. If you don’t want to redo them, then clear away all the withered plants and blossoms. If you think the garden still looks shaggy, a fresh layer of mulch would make the beds appear more tailored. Trim uneven shrubbery and clip out dead branches from bushes and trees.

Skip the Scarecrows

It can be fun to go all out with an array of traditional autumn decorations like hay bales, cornstalks, and Halloween spooks. You need to forego those this year while your home is on the market. Instead choose a wreath of fall foliage and berries for the door. A simple arrangement of a few pumpkins and a potted chrysanthemum or two will look great. Here’s a tip: cover live pumpkins with a light coating of peppermint or garlic oil to keep squirrels and other critters from nibbling on them.

Clear Leaves Off the Lawn

Keep your lawn cut and well trimmed throughout the growing season. A few scattered leaves give a pleasant, seasonal look to the yard, but too many look untidy. An accumulation of leaves can damage the grass and result in ugly dead spots. Keep your walkway and driveway swept clean, especially in advance of a showing. Gutters must have a neat appearance as well, so clean them out and consider installing leaf guards for the best effect.

Light It Up

It will be dark earlier so make sure your home is easy to see from the street and your sidewalks safe for visitors. If your front porch is too dimly lit, illuminate it with new lights or lanterns and use bright, long-lasting LED bulbs. Line walkways with lights; solar ones work well and need no power besides the sun. Strategically placed flood lights can make a beautiful improvement.You might want to use motion-sensor lights for added security and for lighting your driveway and sidewalk.

To sell your home quickly and for top dollar, you must make it look pristine and beautiful. The change of seasons from steamy summer to cool autumn brimming with fall colors can give you great curb appeal. Make your home a stand out in the autumn real estate market.

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